Welcome to Let Light In!

I have created this space for young women, a community of seekers, rebels, and restless souls. It is dedicated to encouraging you to live from your heart, finding JOY, connection and LOVE.

The inner conflict is fierce as you struggle between your head & heart creating unwellness in your life. The journey to live from your heart ain’t no woowoo, airy fairy kind of thing, living from your heart will have you questioning everything you’ve ever believed in and think you know, absolutely challenged to your core.

Why your heart? I believe it is Gods desire and how he created us to be. The heart is holistic, it houses your mind, will, emotions and desires. In its right place and understanding, it is the best healing for mental wellness & unblocking your legit identity.

What is your legit identity? Your legit identity is stepping into your unique YOU, not being defined by limitations, where you are at, or where you have been, but rather by who you are at your very core and where you really want to be.

Let Light In is here to encourage heart living and to redefine the culture of mental wellness #legitidentity

ALL are welcome here! From my heart to yours,

Love Jen xx