I’m your storyteller, life cheerleader and millennial motivator

I'm a Wifey, mama of eight children and a survivor of adversity.  I've devoted the past two decades of my life to shaping the next generation in an unconventional way. I am passionate about faith, family and personal story. I believe that young millennial women are the next generation of change agents, leaders and they must be given the platform to raise their voices, align their values and make sense of their life experiences and link that to telling their compelling stories

Young Women navigate their story very uniquely, their internal stories has created a gap from the external, leaving a wave of fear paralysis, stuck, restless and disempowered millennial women. This gap must be bridged if they are to be who they were created to be and do the work they’ve been called to do. I believe in the power of your story and using storytelling is the most powerful way to bridge that gap, making sense of identity, creating meaningful connections with self and others, extending to community and culture

It is my joy that Let Light In can champion your stories - guiding you to find, unlock, listen, teach, craft and share. This is the foundational work and your starting point. I’m very old school contemporary, no F BOMBS here only straight up truth! This right here - young women are unlocking their stories, aligning their voices, stepping into courage, challenging traditions and disrupting culturally endorsed narratives for radical living today is what Let Light In is all about

From My Heart to Yours, 

Love Jen xx